About Centagon Records

Centagon Records owes its origins to many a rainy Seattle afternoon spent spinning records new and old. While not forgetting to embrace the magic of digital technology, we believe that physical musical artifacts still matter, as does the sound they create. We feel privileged and humbled to engage in this venture of bringing music objects into the world, because they are things of beauty.

What is an AAA release?

AAA signifies a fully analog production cycle. Each "A" stands for one step of the process: Recording, mixing and mastering. Before the advent of digital technology, this is how all records were created.

Analog production is an arduous and unforgiving process, but it can yield beautiful results. This is why Centagon is dedicated to publishing AAA releases. We want to create opportunities for people to experience the smoothness, clarity and detail of true analog audio.

What about digital media?

As much as we love analog, we love digital audio too. The ability to capture sound with tremendous precision and instantly share it with entire world is an incredible thing, and it presents great opportunity for emerging artists and labels. Therefore, we seek to offer the best of both worlds. That's why we present our releases in a variety of high-resolution, lossless digital formats.

Contact Us

Please direct all inquiries to paul@centagonrecords.com.